What is the VCE Physics Unit 3&4 Virtual Learning Community?

This Virtual Learning Community (VLC) has been designed for all VCE Physics students to discuss, collaborate and seek assistance from experienced educators and textbook authors.
Are you stuck on a homework problem? Want to get into something in a bit more depth? Perhaps have a question about a topic that isn't covered in the course? Have an issue with something in a textbook? Want to talk about exam preperation or just meet other VCE students from around Victoria? Then this is the place for you.

All VCE Physics students and educators welcome!

How do I become involved?
Complete the VLC Invite located in the sidebar on the left of this page. You will recieve confirmation within 24 hours. Once you have been accepted visit the VLC link in the sidebar at the left of this page or visit http://vcephysics.ning.com/. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password. For a more comprehensive tutorial on how to become involved, look at the VLC Tutorial.pdf.

Please read the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy associated with the VCE Physics Unit 3&4 Virtual Learning Community.

Any further enquires please contact camm.adrian.b@edumail.vic.gov.au